The first step Choose your Projecto Hogar Real Estate Agent. Our Real Estate Professionals will help you from start to finish with the following Steps. Pre approval: On this step, you will determine what type of loan and lender is best for you.  The loan will be determined on your income, credit and debts.  With this information you will have a better idea on what type of loan you will get including type of interest rate, monthly payment and how much will your loan will be for. Look for the House. With your pre approval amount, you may start looking for your House, Condo, Building, etc.  We can narrow your search according to location and other characteristics like how many bedrooms, bathrooms, if brick or frame, etc. Making an Offer: Once we’ve found the property you like, you can make an offer.  On this step you can offer the earnest money showing the interest on this property.  Looking for an Attorney: An attorney will help you understand the legal documents involved that you might not understand.  The attorney will review, prepare and verify the legal documents for the loan and closing. The inspection: Once the offer has been accepted from the seller, we recommend that you hire a professional inspector.   The inspector will independently evaluate the main systems, equipment and major appliances. Loan: On the next few days, you will be talking to your loan officer on the details of the loan that best fits your needs. Insurance: To protect your investment, you will need to obtain a Home Owners Insurance Policy.  This policy will protect you on different types of accidents that can happen to your property. Final Walk through: A day before or prior to closing, we recommend that you look at the property one last time.  On this visit, you will verify that the condition of the house has not changed. Closing: On the closing day, you will sign the documents necessary to initiate your mortgage and for you to become the new Homeowner.  With the presence of our Projecto Hogar Professional Representative, Attorney and Loan Officer, you will have a smooth closing.  At the closing, you will have the keys to your new Home.  Tel. 773.637.9000